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A) its disturbing that adults have pushed sexual orientation onto their kids. My mom and dad don't go around screaming in straight. They don't don't because I'm a kid. What I'm gona be when I'm older really isn't on my agenda. I'm just tryin 2 get outta school an go2 college.
I'm not tryin 2 ho an join a lez or a gay club cause its for gay people. If they had a gay scouts of America I wouldnt wanna join that either.. Cause yep.. You hot it.. Not gay. At tha sane time I'm not gonna bash em or hate on em cause its wrong wrong be nalean to people. The law I say tells me to kind.. Why would I wanna go disturb somethin up that would cause divide? Why would I wanna put ny brother in a place where he wouldn't be accepted. They nay think they will but really.. Not do much. Why would u fo that 2 ur kid? I don't get it. Dude that kid would get so picked on and people would be mean and stuff. .
a scout is loyal. The people who voted, voted to destroy a tradition based on being morally straight in the eyed of a religion that doesn't tolerate it and ya hot all these big company veros an stuff who are savin face so they don't look bad cause they atd sellnouts and they suck.w that's why they voted yea. Dude really hows a 12 year old know he's gay or not. Thanks for screwin up scouting and naki gays and straights dislike other more this s so stupid grow up. Maybe I should go an join that gay girl scouts an sell frikkin cookies. At least its easier to sell than stupid popcorn. Maybe well sell rainbow scout stickers next year or God made Adam & Steve hats haha grownups are so dumb if they were day an already in there an everything was cool like done of u day, then why screw it up for both sides,an make it all more bad


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