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YOU are a Flat-out Liar..... Mat McGill..

Seems to Me, Not so long News Cycle(s) ago, Wilmington's City Balance Sheet was in the "RED", Big concerns about Wilmington NOT being able to pay debt etc... Then Waa-Laa! Accounting tricks come up with several million dollars outta *no-where*......

Now, It's OK to PAY this FINE, with those monies you'll be recieving from Wilmington, Though..1.8 million MINUS 300,000.00
If My Cipering is correct, Leaves a WHOOPING 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS...
Ya'll are going to count as Revenue...

INSTEAD OF COUNTING THAT AS REVENUE, HOWS about ,Paying down the DEBT on those Bonds that have been incurred/, Or BETTER YET, set up a FUND for those Elderly & Disabled or Struggling FAMILES that are having to pay your High rates to begin with?,to Help US though these Diffucult and trying times?
I've listened to YOU talk out ONE side of your Mouth; While blowing smoke up ALL ILM's Residents backsides... Telling "residents" to go to United Way to get *help* paying thier bills... How much "BONUS" will you & the Political Cornies recieve over this lil "Windfall"....???
We KNOW your lieing, either your Lips are moving or your typing... Smoke & mirrors Folks....


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