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Sir, In the photo that was posted, I can clearly see a handicapped symbol in one space and the cross striping in the other which allows for loading and unloading of wheelchairs and the sort.

The only problem I have with Law Enforcement Officers are the ones who pull bone headed stunts like this and lets see, doing burnouts and the such. The mental makeup of some of these guys are what concern me. The sense of entitlement by some are what concern me. Stop the BS about a few bad apples crap. This is reported almost every day it seems.

Again, If Joe Q Public had parked there, Joe Q would have been cited, gone to court and paid the 187 or whatever the cost is. This guy got scolded by Papa Sheriff and is on his way.

You on the other hand have a problem with the general public voicing a concern over the actions of one of Our employees. You get a grip.


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