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armchair quarterback

Its real easy to call plays from your lazyboy with a cold bud in your hand, its a another thing to be the one on the field getting creamed. I think we all know that hind sight is 20/20, and the media had days and months to pick apart a decision that had to be made in a split second. Did deputy Long make a mistake, yes. Did he pay dearly for it? Yes. And believe it or not, he has to live with that mistake for the rest of his life, and though I've never met him personally, I'm sure that it does, and will keep him up at nights. I'm sure that if he could, he'd take it back, but he can't. This world has become a place where everybody has to blame somebody, and somebody has to pay. We want to sue our doctors, prosecute our military, disable our law enforcement, and what good does it do? Sometimes people make mistakes, sometimes they're tragic. Peyton Strickland was not an innocent bystander. They had reason to believe they had multiple weapons in that house/apartment, the news reported that. Deputy Long heard a noise he thought was a gunshot, he took what he considered appropriate action. Like I said earlier, hindsight is 20/20, and sometimes the present isn't. My whole point, move on and support our boys in blue, khaki, or whatever color their uniform is.


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