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A former paid door kicker and shooter

This was a bad shoot. Poor planning, and I hate to say it Long had a lame excuse. Technically a good excuse but there is no sound like gunfire other than gunfire. He got spooked, plain and simple. These guys should have been trained better. Guest1980, you say you don't know Long but you say he is suffering remorse. I've spent 17 years in the military. There are some people that can kill a person and never think twice about it. It isn't just criminals that can be vicious. Good guys can be too. So if you do not know Deputy Long, you don't know him period. You have no idea what he thinks about at all. No one does. And some guy in another post said if Peyton wasn't guilty of something the cops would have never been at his door. First of all everyone has the assumption of innocence until proven guilty IN COURT so video game snatching 18 year old or grandma, both are innocent. And speaking of grandma, if you Google police, raid, wrong house, you may just see you have no idea what you are talking about. At least though you can all rest easy because here in the States no one tosses grenades into the house killing 4 children under 6 and two old women LOOKING for a bad guy. Like I said some people never think twice about it. Semper Fi


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