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Realize that they are socializing the losses for a very few students.
Yes I played, and enjoyed it for 2 plus years.
But as much as I want to romanticize the program I cannot - so I have to measure the value in dollars and cents.
I refuse and have for some time, to deify the athlete as someone who somehow is "better" than the rest of the undergrads. They are not.

But my REAL problem is with the supporters who, with their constant whining and sniping do everything except bring real time solutions to the table.
They just want to continuously increase the amount or distribution of student fees.
Enough is enough.
One solution brought about recently was to cancel men's Basketball. That is a highly volatile solution, but it should be looked at. What would its save? About $2M in both budgeted funds and ongoing losses?
That would make the athletic department solvent.
It would also end one of the most popularly attended sporting events on campus. Would we do that? COULD we do that?
This mundane solution could be made for us. What if the CAA failed? What if the league vanished - which has been rumored? That would certainly give Miller an opportunity to end the BB program at that point.......along with other CAA sports.
Again - UNCW is a third rate athletic school, in a second rate league, with what appears to be the worst boosters and alumni associations I've seen.
This combination has resulted in a huge financial drain on the reserves.

I think the writing is on the wall....



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