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Poaching Primarily Happens during Flowering Season

Venus Flytraps are often hard to spot, so poaching is usually confined to the Venus Flytrap's flowering season, usually May each year, when the low-growing Venus Flytraps send up flowerstalks about a foot high or taller, topped with a cluster of small but brilliant white flowers. These flowerstalks and flowers are like fluorescent orange flags for poachers, making the location of Venus Flytraps very easy to see.

It seems to me that because of the facts mentioned above, it might be reasonable to have stronger security measures and monitoring during the Venus Flytrap flowering season, which lasts only a few weeks each year. That is to say, the flowers are visible for only 3-5 weeks, after the flowerstalk forms and before the white petals curl up and brown, making the plant very hard to see again as the flowerstalks and seed pods are plain green like most of the surroundings.


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