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I hear and understand the arguments, but...

...don't really understand the confusion on the "rights" issues I hear.
When a person is arrested and taken to jail, they are automaticaly fingerprinted and photgraphed. These ID forms are never retracted and are permanently in the database. This has been the norm since the advent of fingerprint ID technology and the camera. Fingerprints and photographs get compiled into a national database whether or not you are convicted of the alleged crime. These two forms of identification have led to the resolution of literally millions of crimes. DNA mapping is yet another more accurate and fully diversified form of identification that even more accurately identifies the criminal or exonerates him/her from that case. DNA doesn't lie and is essential in assault, murder and sex-related crime resolution as a minimum. It is already legal to obtain DNA samples from convicted felons for permanent input into the database as it very well should be.

I'm just not seeing this as a barcode being tattooed on your forehead so you can obtain your soylent green wafers. It is only another, more accurate and conclusive form of ID that will either conclusivly convict you or set you free.


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