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Giveaway $175,000/Get it Right Back + 5 more

Now you folks know how GE operates. What you do is, Rob Peter to pay Paul. Would Thomas Edison turn over in his grave? Question is, will the local taxpayers roll over in theirs?
The land that Nuclear/Aviation sits upon is "Contaminated", nothing more & nothing less.
If GE wants to back out of this commitment at "any time" they will, and New Hanover County hasn't the funds, nor lawyers, to keep it out of the courts for years and years believe me. They have met the BIG DOGS NOW! Also, our US Government will give them a tax break for relocating their industry as well. A Win Win scenario.
As I said, what's New Hanover going to do with land that is contaminated from low level radiation run off, or is it Pay Off? NOTHING, and still NOTHING come Christmas except hand over another check for $175,000!
Let's not forget their CEO Jeff Immelt, who avoided paying US taxes in 2010, & do the Commissioners really think GE will and cannot get out of this one if they so desire? They may just find out.
Those 35 new jobs just might be Management Trainees (MMP's from elsewhere) that do their 2 year stretch so to move up in the company, or move on to other companies. A manufacturing risk GE takes, but remember, new hires receive "No 3% Pension Retirement Withholdings". What should they do??

Think again, and read this:


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