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Hey Guestwalsh

Let me answer a few questons for yah here:
"Well Vog, have you ever been falsely accused and arrested, detained for months or years knowingly you were falsely accused by our stellar PD?"
No, no and No.

" Has your life been ruined because your name, face and a lie was printed in the news?"

"You have no idea what it does to a person, nor do you seem to really care, as long as you get your opinion published which makes you no better than the WPD or DA, perhaps one day you will be in the wrong place at the wrong time and someone will make up a lie for you to be prosecuted for something you are innocent of, then I perhaps would value your opinion."

Hey here's the crux of the problem
I DON'T put myself in situations so I tend NOT to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. You're right I don't have an idea what its like - you know why? Because I DON'T WANT TO KNOW. Thats the difference.
Vog has no crminal record already. No class II substance abuse charges, no firearms charges nothing nada, zilch, zip. Perhaps this guy should have tried THAT attitude eh? Perhaps he wouldn't have been falsely accused - which by the way requires the Police to have some sort of evidence to do this with. Perhaps old Tyrone had some enemies? Hmmm makes me wonder.

"Truth is they don't care about people that "don't matter" in Wilmington, neither do you. May God bless you and your family.."
Nope the problem is that you don't see that the majority of people don't commit crimes here. So the Police do "serve and protect" even those people they may not want to at times - which includes possible repeat offenders.

I feel bad for this guy - but he was arrested and charged for a reason - perhaps one of his "friends" tried to rat him out and set him up? Lied to the Police? Perhaps? Nice people he hangs out with eh?
I'm glad the Police came clean and let him go - that does NOT mean he doesn't matter - it means the police made a mistake-- they fessed up and let him go. Considering what this guy had done in the past, I wonder just how much worse this made his life?
Grow up - I'd rather be falsely accused then have been convicted of actual criminal activities.
But given the way I lead my life? I don't need to worry about that.
May God bless you and yours and hopefully give this guy guidance as to how to lead a good Christian life.



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