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Yes tweety, a puppy

You just follow around looking for some attention from me. I didn't know Cracker Jacks gave out college degrees because you obviously haven't learned basic English and sentence structure. I'll try to help you:

{capitalize} Like a puppy?????{2 spaces} Really it's{apostrophe} nice to know that I{capitalize} have gotten under your skin once again.{2 spaces} Education I{capitalize} have{1 space} (college degree yes,{1 space} military yes){1 space} I {capitalize} just find you and your comments(some of them)ridiculous.{2 spaces} A puppy please.{2 spaces} Will he respond again?????

You don't get under my skin, I enjoy pointing out how stupid you make yourself appear. Above is a simple 3rd grade English lesson that I hope you can grasp and implement in your posting. Respond with more of your education when you are ready for another lesson.


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