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all the things thats going on in wilmington are crazy. All the talk about how us colored's are always getting put down by white's , Im not only talking bout blacks only im talking bout hispainc's too we are killing off each other. Soon enough were going to kill off our own race and then they win again!!!! all this gang violence is stupid I have friend's that are blood's and crip's and i lost a lot of them last year about 9 and still am till this day im stilll losing friends over this gang violence!!! why dont every body open up there eyes were killing our own people look at what were doing and then the white's are right again and again. We prove them right that our races hispanics and black are violent rude out of control!!! what the hell people wake up!!!! wake the hell up !!!!! we need to join each other not fight each other as much as we need to stick together we fall apart and kill each other when are we going to wake up. When we kill our race off race and there is nomore hispanic's and nomore black's is this what we want!!!! thats what white's wanted for a long time so are we going to prove them right all over again or are we going to prove them wrong and show people we can be smart ,get a right education ,go some where in life instead of jail where most of us young people are going SO I SAY LEAVE GANG'S ALONE!!!! YOUNG PEOPLE STAND UP!! PROVE WE ARE BETTER THEN WHAT PEOPLE SAY WE ARE!! WE ARE THE NEW GENERATION STOP KILLING EACH OTHER I LOVE YOU ALL LET'S CHANGE FROM A GOOD FRIEND


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