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Not a bad thought

why not remove the negative elements from the public housing projects?

If you live in housing and bring a firearm on the property -- out you go, including your family. Do Not Return.

Convicted of any crime, other than minor traffic violations -- out you go, including your family. Do Not Retunr.

Get caught with illegal pharmacutical products, including weed -- out you go, including your family. Do Not Return

Allow someone not authorized by WHA to live in your unit -- out he or she go; and you as well as your family. Do Not Return.

Why not require all physically able public housing residents to perform some work on the premises? Maintain the grounds; clean the common areas and so forth.

Why not have Mr. Hinnant, and his group, lead periodic foot patrols through the housing projects? Have the Mayor and City Council Members accompany them. Let folks see faces other than police.

I could go on. Hopefully, someone will get the message


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