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Time to speak up...

I live in the Long Creek district and I could care less about the merger. That is until I read that it will result in a possible tax/fee increase. I am already in the worst fire code rating in the state (10 of 10 baby!) and now the Commissioners are going to raise my taxes for the privilege of having the highest insurance rate in the state??? You better knock my fire code down a notch or two before raising my rate/fee without a solid justification. Trimming the fat is great, but since when does it add cost to the taxpayer?

I cannot imagine paying more than I already am, but yearly the insurance bill comes in higher, always with the justification of hurricanes doing so much damage and the threat of fire due to my rating. I can't do anything about the hurricanes, but I can strongly oppose and speak loudly against any increase in taxes or fees due to a merger that provides me with no additional service benefit. Ridiculous...

Get these fire companies to start hustling, add some hydrants, or whatever else that can be done, but you need to lower my fire code rating if you raise my taxes/fees for a merger.


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