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UpInArms, I too live in the

UpInArms, I too live in the long creek district and also have volunteered with the department for years. I understand your frustration in regards to your insurance rating being a 10, myself and the Chief and the prior chief's of the department have worked on placing a substation on the 421 corridor to bring the homeowners rating down to the current 6 rating, but our biggest hurdle was the tax revenue in that area not being able support a substation. As for your fire tax rate lucky for you your fire tax will remain the same that you paid last year. The only fire tax hike is on the east side of Pender, not in our area. I encourage you that if you feel that strongly then please show up Monday night at the county commissioners meeting and voice your thoughts (good or bad). Additional hydrants have been place in service to help with insurance ratings but Long Creek's rating like most of the other VFD's in the county are based on water shuttles because we have been advised by Pender County that the hydrants are not for fire suppression, they are considered "flush points". I do encourage you to contact the fire department and ask questions about this merger. This merger is a pretty good plan, the other plan will be Pender County taking it over and our fire tax going through the roof. I can tell you that with this merger that substation on 421 will become a reality within the next couple of years. The only thing we will notice is a quicker response time due to the fact that we will have 24/7 paid coverage in the station assisting the volunteers. Thank you for your concerns.


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