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Hit and run??!!'

This event is a terrible terrible accident... I have no intention of negating the travesty of the loved ones that are mortified over this recent death. However, I agree that we need all the facts. If I was "brave" enough to go biking on that street at night, I'd have all the gizmos available to enable sober and inebriated drivers to see me peddling along a road that is so utterly obvious not bike friendly at any time of the day!!!! All these gun ho people posting that the driver was a coward, drunk, scum bag etc. and deserves the most brutal punishment possible are clearly just ranting and raving without giving this situation any sort of intelligent thought. There are soooo many factors to this accident. I can't say I'd leave the scene if I saw a biker get engulfed and mutilated under my car, but I sure would be in shock and disbelief that what I hit was a human on a bike at night with no strobes. That shock would be so intense that I would probably keep driving while everything processed. But who's to say that the driver even saw the biker on that poorly lit road??! I have had a deer smack into the side of my car before and the thought that it might be a human NEVER crossed my mind and I did not pull over to investigate. My only thought was get to a pull off and see the damage to my car! This accident probably happened so fast that the driver did not realize what they hit until they saw it on the news. That must have been a horrific realization. This city needs better bike routes or as previously stated, better advertised routes. The guilty person will come forward as their car has been found, but in my eyes they are just as devastated as the victims family member and will need some time to process this life changing event. If the driver is just an honestly scared out of their mind normal human then the fact that they took a life is punishment enough. Jail time seems trivial And will not accomplish anything. How could it? Protect yourself better if you take risks. One life is ruined because of this don't ruin the drivers life just because they were in the wrong place wrong time!!! Accidents happen and everyone involved learns from the mistakes. I'm ranting, but I have faith that humans are intrinsically good no matter the magnitude of their faults. Peace and love to both sides of this ordeal.


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