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DWI Checkpoints Work!!!

And some people complain about increasing the DWI checkpoint activity around here...and/or checkpoints in general.
Well...looks like this checkpoint stopped 2 potientials in the cold. Amazing whom they can and will find out there behind the wheel of a vehicle.
Good work Leland Police. I hope the Chief of Police in Wilmington uses this as a stepping stone example...especially after the hit and run event of a couple of nights ago with the bicyclist Zachary Tyler.
You's not so much the idea of whom they can find illegally on the roads with checkpoints...but the idea that would run through individuals minds "before driving" if in the backs of their minds...there's a 50-50 chance of coming up to a checkpoint and getting nailed if they are on the road in a dangerous method.
The way I see this arrest in Leland is...potiential innocent lives may have been saved stopping these 2 people. What other way could you look at it?


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