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I'm a musician in the area, so I'm on the road late quite a bit on the weekends. These large checkpoints are usually pretty organized, but what bothers me, is some of these 2-car checkpoints that BC keeps setting up on rural roads. If you've ever come up on one after dark, you know how hard it is to see what's going on with their new type blue lights. (are they LED, or HID?) These lights are so blinding, that you never see the officer standing on the yellow line-even wearing an orange vest. If they use two cars - one on each side of the road - then it's pretty obvious theres someone in the middle of the street. But one night, coming home from Wilm down 133, I came up on what I thought wss a vehicle pulled over for a traffic stop (on the right), so I slowed down and moved over to the left. Suddenly, when I cleared the blue light glare, there was a cop in the middle of the road. - It was a roadblock, with 2 cop cars on one side of the road! Almost slammed into him!
And of course, if you say something about it to the officer, they act like you're being smart-a** with em, and try to make it worse on you than they have to.


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