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New lightbars

The new lightbars on the police vehicles are LED. One of the requirements for SAE certification for ALL high intensity lightbars - strobe or LED - is that they be capable of being dimmed at night. Either that capability is not being connected when they are installed on the local LE agency's vehicles, or there's some manual operation that needs to be done to dim them that isn't happening. You will notice that the State Trooper vehicles are very bright at night, but not completely binding. That's how it should be, and that means that the lightbars on SHP vehicles are being installed correctly.

You are right. They cop (no pun intended) an attitude when you try to tell them that you cannot see them until you are right on top of the. The law says slow down / move left (both is better) when approaching an emergency vehicle with light flashing. How's that work when you move left, and the cop that will be looking at your license is standing on the center line, and you cannot see him or her - no matter how slow you are going?

The answer is, not so well. The problem is being recognized, and is resulting in LEOs, and fire personnel being injured and killed. This is all for the lack of connecting ONE WIRE to a point in the vehicle that indicates it's dark out - like the headlights - to put the lighting in lower power mode. This capability is in every current lightbar. The locals use a mix of Whelen, star headlight, and federal signal lightbars. All of them are capable of being dimmed at night.

Here's a few examples of the results of this negligence of the installers. I hope if something bad happens as a result of this, the officer or their spouse determines who installed the lighting on the vehicle in question, and sues the installer for everything they and their insurance company owns. That WILL get the problem fixed, at least locally. This might be an interesting story for wway to look into.


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