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Dead on!

Your post is dead on as it is standard procedure to place the deputies on PAID administrative leave and for the SBI to investigate. Many of the deputies are probably contacting the PBA...they won't speak until the investigation is complete.

Thank God the deputies were not hurt because 2 drug-dealing thugs wanted to act stupid.

They can be drug dealers and not have any other charges. There are a lot of steps Narcotics agents have to take to be able to bust drug dealers and it's a lengthy process. While any amount of drugs is illegal, if it was only 1/2 ounce, why did they do what they did? That in itself tells you there was more to the story than just a 1/2 ounce of marijuana. Who would use assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and flee to allude arrest over such a simple charge. There was far more to the story!

As you said, it is unfortunate it will cost tax payers money to pay for their medical bills and to house them in jail for years to come but at least they are off the street.

By the way, for those questioning innocent bystanders, do you not think the news would have been more concerned with reporting if a bystander was injured or even in jeapordy of being injured during this? They would be much more concern than the 2 thugs. And sure, LEO's put on their uniform knowing they are placed in very dangerous situations in their line of duty and may not make it home one day but I can tell you what you can bet your bottom dollar if it comes between one of them making it home to their families (especially at wages of $15-$19/hr--it's obviously in their heart to serve!) or sending their threat to the hospital or grave, they will pick the latter. Who wouldn't?

Great job law enforcement!


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