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Guest 123123

Please advise how these guys became drug dealers. From what I saw on the offender search there are no priors on either one. They also had less than half ounce of weed on them.
They were NOT charged with possession with intent to sell. Do NOT make these guys out to "drug dealers" when they may not be that at all.
Another point to consider - they tossed the gun prior to getting to the checkpoint, according to another media outlet so they may have been un-armed except for the car itself (which to me (and the law) is a weapon when the intention is to kill or harm).
In a world full of surveillance camera's, dashcams, and SABLE helicopters, AND with Sheriffs from both NH County and Brunswick County AND with reps from the DA's office present I doubt that any officers acted improperly given the number of witnesses (not counting those people in line at the checkpoint).
The thing that upsets me most is the fact that these guys are still alive given the number of officers who may have been shooting at them.



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