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Look, everyone here would be

Look, everyone here would be scared if they hit something at night that did a lot of damage to the car, but that is no excuse to leave the scene knowing it could have been a person. Bike lane or no bike lane, you must yield to the one not surrounded by 1.5 tons of metal. It doesn't matter whose fault the accident was now that she ran. She assumed all responsibility when she decided to leave him there. I'm sure she was a great person but I hope she gets punished severely for killing that man.
Look at it this way: A 23 year old UNCW student runs over and kills a young woman riding home from work. He left the her there at the scene and ditched the car because he was scared. Two days later, his parents and an attorney call the police department to negotiate his surrender and he is later released on $25,000 bond. Would you feel the same for a man that committed the same crime? Would you have sympathy for him because he was so young and scared and thought he might of hit a deer?


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