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I think this is a HORRIBLE

I think this is a HORRIBLE thing that has happened and justice is NOT being served. The more I hear about this, the madder I become. If this girl had stopped the moment she hit this innocent man, who is to say that he may not still be living today? When she left the scene, an accident became a murder!! Why is she only being charged with a misdemeanor crime? She INTENTIONALLY left that man on the road to die. There is no possible way that she hit that man as hard as she did and did not realize that she hit someone and then made the conscious decision to keep driving while a man lay on the street dying. If she was not aware of what she had done, why did she ditch the car? When given the opportunity to speak to the public, she could not even say she was sorry or show any remorse to the victim's family? Maybe she is just a cold-blooded killer!!
I feel that a misdemeanor death by motor vehicle charge is not anything close to what is deserved. She is not getting any form of punishment for hitting that man and deliberately driving away while he lay on the side of the road dying. Why should a man be dead due to careless and reckless acts of another person and they are out walking around with a charge that will only give them a couple of years probation? The punishment does not fit this crime at all!! Time to put ourselves in the shoes of his family and friends and think about how they are feeling over this whole situation. And she cannot even have enough human decency to say sorry to the family...but then again, why should that be expected when she drives off and leaves the poor man to die?


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