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You do not make any sense

I hate to think that as a fellow cyclist, somebody like you is driving on the streets of Wilmington. Because it seems as if you would leave the scene too, but would "at least call 911" while driving away while the victim was dying all alone on the side of a road. You are condoning what she did and excusing her for fleeing the scene because she is 23 and has no record. The fact that she has no record, does not mean that she has not done anything wrong in the past. In fact, a large amount of crimes never get solved and people usually do not get caught committing crimes. And even if she was a complete angel, your point is useless because she now has a record and showed her true character and is only 23. "Should have at least called 911?" Are you joking? She should have stopped the car and taken care of him. It is not hard for people to say that they would have stopped and attempted to help him because I believe that most people would have and those who would not or understand her "fear" need to get off the road. Your age and criminal record have nothing to do with anything. She left another human being on the side of the road to die. You must not have children or you are someone who does not hold them self to high standards. Nobody wants to go to jail, yes, and nobody wants to be hit by a car and left for dead because the driver did not stop. I really hope you never get into a position of power because that would be scary for everybody. And Yes, "this is the real world". What else would it be? Had she stayed at the scene and attempted to help him then this would be a completely different story.


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