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You don't have to have

You don't have to have medical training to know how to help someone. What if he was losing blood? Staying behind and applying pressure to the wound could have meant life or death. What if he had a spinal injury that was exacerbated by any movement he made? She could have been there to keep him still. Guess what, the extent of my medical training exists of studying first aid in a high school health class almost thirty years ago. His injuries could have been as such, that it would only take a little common sense to help him stay a live.

At 23, she is an adult and should have acted like an adult. Theoretically, she had been driving for seven years and was not a novice on the highway. Her driving away was not wise in any sense of the word.

And I am sure that there is more than one serial killer who had no criminal record. How else could they get by with murders for so long.

If she was any kind of human being, she would have at least called 911. She could have done so anonymously, but she didn't. Who knows what action would have saved his life? The thing is that she didn't care. She showed an absolute disregard for a human life. That shows what her true character is.


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