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WHA Breaking Backboards

Funny how WHA took the time to destroy a basketball goal that kids use this what tax payers get??? Do your job and get contractors out there ASAP. How convenient that WHA is saying the debris will be removed AFTER media coverage. Regardless of what anyone says about this area why are kids being the victim on this...Maybe the goal shouldn't be there for liability but there was no immediate reason or danger that would have led a reasonable person to destroy their only basketball goal. If need be then notify the residents and move it, after all the reason they install wheels on the bottom of those goals is for that purpose. Some of these "hood" areas that people label them as don't have nearly any resources for children and teens when you compare them to other communities. This goal can help kids out in the present and future but now its only in the past. No sign of compassion from WHA in this instance. The goal needs to be replaced and those kids need an apology.


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