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can't have your cake and eat it too

You live in government housing. You expect the government to maintain the property, because it is their property. So when they come around and tear up your basketball goal, that you put on someone elses property, how can you complain? if you had your own property this surely wouldn't have happened. living in government housing isn't ideal, nor should it be. and no, it's not the kids fault, and im sure they are very upset. maybe this will be something they remember when they are older and serve as encouragement to work hard and buy their own apartment or house one day. last i checked, there are city basketball courts and pools that we the tax payers pay for.

my big question is why did no one in this community try to begin removing the tree limb, instead of just letting it sit there for weeks. maybe they didn't have the equipment, but surely someone in the community knows someone they can call, a friend or family member. i'm sure enough people in the community could have gotten together and moved the tree together, a little team work and bonding time. thats what the basketball goal was for wasn't it?

the government doesn't fix your problems, that's not what the type of government our constitution created...


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