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Housing Authorities breed government dependence!

HUD Housing projects blight MANY towns and cities in NC! Asheville has
14 public housing projects which blights most every intown neighborhood, except near the Grove Park Inn and Biltmore Forest! That's MORE public housing per capita than any other city in NC, even Durham! We live
a block over from public housing and must endure all the crap that goes with being that close. Thankfully, crime is way down, but summertime brings out the leftover THUGS. There are 4th and 5th generations of public housing dwellers that have no goals of bettering their living.
They are completely content on the government plantation, and soak up every benefit and handout that comes along.

Housing project staffs make BIG MONEY managing these hellholes and they waste money like you wouldn't believe. WHEN will cities begin to abolish public housing? It's NOT a function of OUR government!


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