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I tend to believe that already as well.
Ok - so the schools "get tough" they remove 10% of non performing, class interrupting students from the school. Test scores go up by say 2%.
Teacher hasn't changed a thing
Teacher hasn't put one ounce of extra work into the job

Yet if we use a merit system this teacher would qualify for a pay increase.
Conversely, a teacher gets her class to attain at high levels comparable to other classes and plateau's at that high level. Since there's no INCREASE in test scores that teacher doesn't get a raise.
Same with that teacher who works hard, is innovative but who can't get the parents to step up at home to make sure little Johnny is doing his homework. She won't get a raise.
I have never been in a situation at work where my performance was judged by what other peoples test results were. Yes I have been in management where my team's performance was "measured" and that measure was applied to my revue but I had total control over that team and "made them do their homework". So I was teacher AND parent to my team.

Teachers cannot be both so they lose control over the hoped for outcome for the students. In industry I could fire team members who didn't perform, teachers can't.

There's way too many things that can negative impact a students performance - so using "merit" becomes very problematic for me.



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