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It seems that the motorcycle

It seems that the motorcycle accidents in this area over the last several years have been caused by the other driver. It doesn't cost but a few seconds out of someone's time to stop and make sure it is safe to proceed out of an intersection or median. Your selfishness in not stopping, could easily kill someone.

On a separate note, I was travelling north on Hwy 17 in Brunswick County this morning when I saw a moron pull out in front of an 18-wheeler. Those rigs carry up to about 44,000 pounds in addition to the weight of the rig itself. Those things cannot stop on a dime and you are an outright idiot, taking in your hands, your life, the lives of your passengers, the life of the truck driver and the lives of others on the road. In your selfish rush to save a few seconds, you could have killed an untold number of people.


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