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Stupid and short-sided

First, your exaggeration is ridiculous and therefore IMMEDIATELY calls your statements into question. If NOBODY stops at stop signs anymore, there would be accidents at every single intersection everywhere, every minute of every day.

Second, yes, an officer could be posted at a stop sign all day. However, is that REALLY the only issue here? If you take an officer off of street patrol so he/she can stop enforcing ALL LAWS in favor of trying to enforce Failure to come to a complete stop, that officer isn't replaced. It means there's ONE LESS OFFICER PATROLLING THE STREETS FOR ALL SORTS OF CRIMES. Oh. Yes. Woo. Hoo. Because policing stop signs tales precedence over responding to domestic disputes...shootings...stabbings...robberies...etc.

The city's budget does NOT include provisions to hire more police officers, so YES, putting an officer on stop sign detail will require taking that officer off of patrol.

Additionally, does the burden of assessed blame fall to the police? I'll give you a hint: NO. Why? Simple: If people would stop driving like idiots and blind jaguars, would there be an issue about running stop signs? NO. The burden of responsibility lies ONLY with those who choose to break traffic laws.


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