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Because life *IS* about winning

One universal law that cannot be overturned is survival of the fittest. Whether you're talking about the fifth grade, high school, college, the workplace, or life in general, the rewards come to those with the best plan, conditioning, and execution. Participation awards also brainwash children into thinking that they are somehow owed something for simply being there. (Of course, that's the whole plan - brainwashing the next generation of sappy liberals to believe that everyone is owed something by a nanny government.) Children don't need to be coddled and conditioned to accept mediocrity, because when they grow up and the "other guy" gets the big sale or discovers the breakthrough cure, the other guy gets the big bonus or the next promotion to VP. That's what school is supposed to be for - getting the children ready for real life. The way our education system is going, a lot of them will be in for a rude awakening when they find out that it's not Sesame Street out there, and we don't ALL get cookies. Bet you're a big fan of turning the "A List" into the "ABC List," huh?


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