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REALLY??????? SMH.....

ok, so let me get this right, I must be the only living, breathing soul on the planet that is NOT perfect??(oh and of course Frankie....) Has no one out there EVER made mistakes in their life? Known anyone that has messed up over and over AND over again to hopefully in the end be able to say they learned from their mistakes / bad CHOICES??? We ALL have known or do know ppl like that! Does that make YOU/THEM such a horrible person that YOU/THEY deserve THIS KIND OF PUNISHMENT????? HELL NO!! I've made some REALLY messed up CHOICES in my life that HAS affected other ppl, but I don't think I deserve this !!
As far as ppl THINKING they know WHY Frankie was 'racing" down the street,DON'T THINK!!!! No matter what, HE'S STILL SOMEONE'S SON, BROTHER, BEST FRIEND AND HEART! Im sure they know MOST of his "wrong doing's" and LOVE HIM ANYWAY!!!! Please remember that before opening your mouths' and THINKING you KNOW someone and why they do what they do!!! My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to Frankie AND his whole family! Also to the truck driver..... I'm sure he will not ever be the same man he was that morning before he drove down that road!! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!


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