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Are you a fool

The countertops are painted. The cabinets are painted so improvement seems like a strong word. maybe false advertising. You should go check out there model the cabinets are new but not what the apartments have the floors don't match the faucets don't match and the model shows a full size dishwasher while the residents got a half size. Then let's not forget the scene where the incompetent contractors showed up during the interview with a dishwasher and she already had one. This happened everyday of my renovation. Then the landlord went above and beyond lets be serious a piece of paper on your door the night before they are coming in that most likely blows off or is taken down when the first contractor goes in is very little on the side of notice. Then ok yeah try having your house renovated that is your choice these tenants were told this is happening and you will like it. Call the office and ask about all the contractors that were fired like the ones who stole from my apartment or painted peoples furniture. Lets also talk about how every contractor there has a key and I know this because a former employee told me when they still worked there. This whole process was awful and having people that had no drug or background checks having keys to my apartment all hours of the day and night has to be illegal. Check into that wwaytv.


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