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This! They knocked and

This! They knocked and entered, never even waiting for a reply. I'd come home and random sketchy construction workers were in my home. The "renovations" to my apartment were not even good. They didn't even repair the floor which has a very large sink hole in it(and has for 4 years which they were notified about). The only thing worthwhile I received was the dishwasher. And like this person was saying, these workers ALL had keys and came in at any time they pleased without warning; with or without me being there and with NO supervision. I don't work for wway and I don't know anyone who does. I guess I would stand as a more credible source. It was poor planning to say the LEAST, as they decided to do all of this during the week of final exams. During this time, like I've said before, I was often unable to enter my home or even take a shower for very long periods of time. To some this may seem petty but if you had these workers in and out of your home with and without you being present and you were unable to live there for most of a week with no where else to go you would understand. Unfortunately it seems people don't understand the point of the news. The apartment complex needed bad publicity. The place is poorly run and they treat people just as poorly if not worse. This has just been the climax.


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