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Your opinion did not involve much sense. Do you honestly think LEO's would injure their "informants"? Come on, now...what good would that do? The driver of the car was in the wrong, the passenger was with the wrong person at the wrong time, doing the wrong things. Everyone makes mistakes and I pray these 2 men will learn from this lesson. Morals and values start in the HOME. Who knows, they may have been raised this way and leading by example or they may have strayed away from good teachings. Either way, instill right from wrong in their minds as children and it will stay. LEAD BY EXAMPLE! Look at the news...look at the types of people doing wrong, what they done and the "reason" behind it, whether it be drugs, gangs,etc.

Start teaching in the HOME and this trend will break at some point. Otherwise, the city, county, state and even country we live in will continue to increase in danger as a result of behavior, drugs and gangs. Let's get it together!


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