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Sound Fiscal Measures???

Is your idea of sound policy too allow NC to become the 48 worst state in education. Does your policy call for 40 children in elementary classes? If an educator returns to college to obtain his or her Masters Degree is it your feeling that teacher shouldn't be be awarded for the higher degree? What value should be placed on education, yours and others? In your world everybody on assistance, housing, food stamps,unemployment,medicare and medicaid are little more than takers!
You would benefit from looking up and down your street and up and down your church pews to see many right under your nose that need either health, food or shelter. These people, your friends or family are what you call takers. Takers do exist but statistics prove most on assistance are people who work and just don't make enough or they are unable to work or simply can't find work. Ask your self if a mother who must stay home and care for a disable child is a taker? I think we know who a taker is! YOU are a taker and a proud one. Using the excuse of sound fiscal measures to take from others is as sad as you are.
I don't know your age but the need for assistance is coming your way. When that day comes you better pray that food and shelter and health care are there for you. While your waiting, crawl out from under that thorn bush you live in and take a good second look, you will find much more good than bad!!


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