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re: Sound Fiscal Measures???

Mr. T,

Your diatribe focuses on one small While education is certainly important, the content of what's being taught to the children is vastly more important than the number of children per classroom. Today, we have uber-liberals mandating "touchy-feely" courses where everyone is a winner, and there are no losers. The education system today is not preparing kids for the real world...where there are winners and losers.

You accuse me of being "a taker"...yet you know nothing about me or the business I own and operate. You have no idea of the real estate I own, the taxes I pay, or the jobs I provide...yet you call me "a taker".

I don't take pity on anyone. No one should be pitied...but offered a hand up...not a handout. I firmly believe those receiving public assistance should be drug tested on a random basis, that if able to do required to work. Clinton initiated the work requirement for welfare...and the welfare rolls dropped significantly.

Yet in your eyes...I am "a taker".


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