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When you visit Earth, do you breath our air ?

Hello alien being. What planet are you from? Warning : Do not say you are from Earth or we will have to treat you as a hostile and devious being!

Saying that "using sound fiscal measures" is "taking" is other-worldly. How can not giving more of our own resources be "taking" from others? Doesn't "taking" involve receiving resources from others rather than withholding your own resources from others? Your concept of "sound fiscal measures" being a bad thing is alien to sound judgment. On your planet, is taking candy from a baby not a bad thing? It must be a good thing if you think it's OK to take away the entire future of those babies yet unborn by saddling them with our debts. Don't you think we should pay our own debts instead of assigning them to those yet unborn?

You must come from a cruel planet. A planet that talks about caring but really doesn't. A planet that's really all about spending for immediate gratification. You should go back there.

In the meantime ..... stop taking our air and breathing it as your own. I'm sure you'll understand. After all, you say you're all about not "taking".


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