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You must be at the very pinnacle of the idiot pile

Gotta give you credit; at least you can spell better than most of your fellow idiots. You must be the top idiot.

Dems got their behinds whipped in the last election and you think it's because most of those who voted GOP were actually from up North? So your saying that the majority of NC residents are actually from up North? You're even dumber than you give yourself credit for being.

The real problem with guys like you is that you're not really even liberal. There are plenty of voters, who to their credit, genuinely are, but you're not one of them.

You're just a petty little man who throws a tantrum when things don't go your way. Who pouts when others take a position other than yours. Who's so stupid he has to put the blame for losing an election loss on someone from somewhere else, no matter how illogical.

The true irony of your bitter infantile tirade is that by blaming all of NC's troubles on northerners being in control, you've really said that native NC's are no longer capable of controlling their own state.

Not only is that entirely untrue; it's an embarrassingly stupid thing to say.

Like I said; you must be at the very pinnacle of the idiot pile.


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