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Woody White, Barfield, Dawson, Chris Coudriet, Should Pay!!!

Berger is what happens when you take a stand...the insiders attack, falsify documents, lie to the people with their taxpayer-funded PR staff, and destroy the reputation of someone who gains nothing from government largesse.

Chances are civil rights and pro-Constitution groups and people who share the values of the those rights & liberties helped, but lets not forget since taking office Ben David, Ed McMahon and WPD have under very shady, unique treatment destroyed Berger financially and in life with expensive bogus lawsuits, they have never won. Brian Berger should be paid back for those political miscarriages of justice, and those responsible for destroying somebody like Berger has been by oficials like Barfield and the District Attorney, corrupt judges, Rick Catlin and Ted Davis - best friends of those officials and carbon copies of Slick Woody White should be criminally tried for doing more damage to the Constitution than Ed Snowden.

Where is the so-called pro-Constitution GOP (ha!)in holding these arrogant, above the law folks like Davis and Beth Dawson and Woody White accountable. They should repay the taxpayers. Berger has been smeared to such an extent that the costs of persecuting him for principles, and you might not like his personal life, but your house is thinner glass than Berger's probably, why aren't you demanding that the County Sheriff, WPD and bigots like White and Barfield repay the County and I wonder how many more officers would be available for fighting crime and school violence, not Ted Davis, Catlin, Beth Dawson, and county legal and spin-staff expenses wasted in the two-plus year witch hunt on Berger who should sue the County for destroying his reputation and future.

That's why good people dont run for politics. Brian Berger and his treatment by the Sheriff, DA, and WPD officers requires a Federal investigation and Pat McRory and others involved should be questioned (McRory just for info) and people, clearly not Berger who a jury would've convicted if he was guilty of criminal conduct, but the Wanda Copley, Sheila Schitz, and Barfield, Coudriet, Bruce She;ll and law enforcement civil rights violators need to serve time.

Berger's not perfect, but he is not profiting or abusing his office and I have seen him work for the lowest of the low NOT one goverbnment official would help...Berger does. He doesn't care about money, but doing good. He keeps his promises even when it hurts him and he could jump ship and make a buck like the others. Fight for Berger NOT greed and million dollar political witch hunts using lies to smear one of the most courageous Wilmingtonians.


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