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The Berger File

There you go again, blaming everybody and anybody except Berger and his ineptness for his troubles. He is a freak show, a no show and has no place on this board. Do I agree with everything that transpired to get to this point? No. That will be answered in the judges ruling and if not this judge then the next one or the one after that.

As for the continued rants of corruption, show some proof. You have now brought law enforcement, the judiciary, just about everyone in the county as having conspired to get Berger. I want to know how all of this corrupted money and power brokering is transpiring in full view of a very attentive public at this point. Found any evidence yet? Any Swiss bank accounts, hidden cash, prostitutes, shiny gold watches? Any verifiable political appointments for financial gain? Any photos of all this corruption going down? I thought not. There is none.

As far as Berger helping the lowest of the low and being the courageous patriot that he is,,,name some of his crowning political achievements. He does know how to remain up all night in a stupor firing off incoherent E Mails to staff. sending veiled threats like the coward he is. He should address that in an open forum. That is after all what he ran on,,transparency.

Again, I do not agree with all that has transpired regarding his removal but if he is gone for only a couple of months, that will be a couple of months without a side show sitting at the end of the bench. If you believe what Berger has done to this county is OK then you are just as far off the beam as he is but, that is your right.


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