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Are you sure that poster was Berger?

"These people who work in the offices are tired of it. period"
Not a reason to remove Brian from office. Nowhere in the amotion process criteria does it list sick of it as a reason for removal. Sick of the charges? yeah I can understand that but think about it this way. The most serious charge against Berger was the hotel room charge that supposedly was not used by Brian. This charge of fiscal irresponsibility was proven false by the hotel itself - making White look like an idiot in the process. Firing from a government position is easiest if it involves mis-use of money. That was Whites best chance and White blew it by not doing enough checking to see if Brian was in fact using the room.
"He is not prepared, does not understand the most trivial discussion and never contributes anything. He is a Leach, He has made his bed. Due process cost a lot but two years of a freak show cost more."
Personal opinion doesn't count for removal from office Peyton - hate to break it to you.

"Two more years? I voted for most on this board to uphold what I think is best for the county,, You need to run and clean everyone up."
Sorry - not their job WE VOTE THEM IN WE VOTE THEM OUT. Clean up is OUR job why are you wanting someone else to do it for you? You're as bad as Berger blaming everyone else.

"I ask you, could or would he work for a company you own? Answer that,,Honestly. I have watched him and his ineptness, on boards in the last 18 months"
This is EXACTLY the wrong comparison. No he wouldn't work for me but he doesn't work for me or you - he works for the 25,000 people that voted for him last time. Elected officials are different for JUST that reason they represent all of us not just you and not just me and WE remove him, no one else. Not 6 people on the commission. Until such time as we the ability to recall ALL the commissioners then any attempts to remove Brian through other means are politically motivated and witch hunts - especially when the one charge that COULD have had legal ramifications was proven false.

Do I have buyers remorse? Oh yeah - Brians toast in my mind. But then again Woody and his cohorts are also done in my mind because they have made this situation much worse than it should have been.
They SHOULD have stopped at censure which is what the law allows.
Clean up is our job



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