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Vog We elected or allowed the appointments to the position. I voted for the same . I voted for these people to do my best interest. Berger is, has been and will be a distraction to the board. I, time after time have said I may not agree with the process but really,,, I am not an attorney, I am not anything. but between 4 counties I pay a lot of taxes. I don't want a lot of hoodoo bull====. I also am tired of the accusations of financial corruption, political malfeasance and on and on. If Berger has verifiable proof, now is the time. I deal with people from Jersey to Florida and it is a joke. I want to see some proof. I also want to know who is paying his legal tender. I also want to see the stuff the county has. But to blame everyone from here to the POPE? Are You that Dumb? Call a spade.

My oldest son , now finishing his 7th deployment has crapped more in a latrine than Berger has done any thing of consequence. Same age too. Just one other question,,,did he compensate the lady he wrecked? If it is right or wrong there are a lot of things both ways that need to be addressed

I am sure you can and will pick me apart. These are my thoughts. By the way,,, the eye in the sky is doing a flyover as we speak.


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