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One of the problem with being an elected official is that guys like Berger can lob accusation after accusation. The press can do the same as can the public. Conversely elected officials cannot be sued in this state.
I understand the frustration Peyton but 25,000 people said they wanted Brian Berger. Right now there's probably a LOT less that want to pursue the amotion process to remove him.
Just because someone wants to remove him does not justify removing him.
Where will it stop? If I start an amotion process against Woody White I have politicized the effort because I am but one person. Others may join in but I sure won't have 25,000 people with me.
This is the predicament White is in.
Without recall elections White is now seen as being hellbent to remove Berger for political purposes which even YOU have to admit may be a possibility.
Conversely Berger should NOT be a commissioner even I have to admit that.
But the law trumps everything. Without recall censure is the ONLY thing available to the commission. Amotion requires evidence and there clearly is none that crosses the line of requiring removal of Brian from office.
Don't ask the commission to do what YOU as a voter are tasked to do. Its up to you to remove Brian from the Commission. And you do so with your vote.


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