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Major Victory for the LGBT community

Of course I agree with it, how could you possibly deny fellow Americans the right to love? Repealing those laws granted the the gay community 1000+ more human rights that they were being denied before, like the inability to see their spouse in the hospital, many tax benefits, and now they are recognized by the government as a couple. Good for you guys, I could not be more proud to be an American right now. Sure there are still 37 states that need to get on the right side of history but they will in time, regardless of what the intolerant people have to say about it. If you are going to argue about the bible, yes, there is one verse against it that can be taken many different ways. But please look again where it talks about other sins like shaving, eating shrimp, pork, lying, stealing, murdering, and even the one that says women who get married without being a virgin should be stoned. Please do not use religion as an argument, yes you could say America was based on Christian values but in actuality they came here to get away from religious persecution, to be free and believe what they wanted. Gay people getting married does not hurt anyone, and I don't expect the hetero population to understand the struggles and issues that gays do. If you say it is a choice you are wrong, if you do not believe me, please go choose to be gay for a month or so. You can say what you want about us, you can try to eradicate us, put us down, and try to keep us in the closet but God made us who we are and I am proud of it. I will proudly wear my pride shirts in my community and show people being gay is nothing to fear and is perfectly normal. Harvey Milk said "Hope will never be silent" and he is right, I can't wait until I am able to marry the woman I love in my home state.


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