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I swear to your God

Hello!!!! Didn't Jesus teach to treat your fellow man as you would yourself?!? Didn't Jesus teach compassion? Didn't Jesus undo the laws of the old Testament (I'm lookin' at you Leviticus) with his sacrifice? Didn't Jesus say something about casting stones? For your God's sake... stop picking the pieces of the Bible that you like because you're uncomfortable and start reading the whole darned book. In the end, the word of Christ is about not judging, not treating others as less than equal. It's about love and family and forgiveness and togetherness and putting the world to rights. It's not about discrimination and hatred. Gay marriage does not affect you unless you are GAY. It doesn't tarnish you relationship with God. You don't have to prove your Christianist when you get married at the court house, so why are you putting God into a LEGAL issue. No one has to prove they love Jesus or do not to get legally married. Enough said. Keep your own house in order and do not intrude upon others' rights.


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