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Please put away the rainbow flag.

I agree with you, Guest 4253. Hokey.

The Gay Pride fanatics are often embarrassing and do not represent all gays by any means. First of all, the rainbow flag is tacky, and Gay Pride Parades are insufferable to watch because of the leather men, dykes on bikes, drag queens, etc. Downright ugly.

There is no confederacy among gay people, and so many of us are living quiet lives and refuse to accept the term "gay" because the word itself has frivolous connotations.

We are out of the closet, but we do not wear the "gay" label around our necks. Gay is far too restrictive to define me or my friends. We adamantly reject the term.

We are intelligent professionals whose lives and personalities are too multifaceted for the dumb and restrictive gay label. We would prefer the term "bent," which does not stir up images of flaming gays with their hair dyed purple.


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