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cease fire

We need to make it illegal to be a gang member once you get linked to gang activity you are subject to arrest. why not use the racketeering laws against these folks? they have pretty much done away with the mafia and no one cried foul when they were arresting Italian Americans. no one was saying it was because of their social situation. This is the by product of organized crime folks and Until you wipe out the organization you will have the crime I can understand why the people that live there do not drop a dime these jerks do not care who they shoot it may not be the one that talks that gets it it might be a family member or a child we need to make all gang activity at any level a federal offense and then the feds can come in and do the job. the local LE guys I am sure are trying but they are probably outnumbered a thousand to one by criminals that do not care if they get caught or not and are celebrated in music and culture if they drop a cop.
then if a cop has to shoot one of these criminals he gets investigated this is like sending some one to a war zone with one hand tied behind their back. All I'm saying is something has to change and talk is cheap.


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