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Abortion education my arse.....

Lookee what they passed on the sly yesterday:
From WRAL:

"A bill restricting abortions that popped up in the state Senate without public notice Tuesday evening and received swift approval would force clinics to meet expensive license requirements and make it more difficult for doctors to perform the procedures.

Under the bill, which was tacked onto another measure dealing with Islamic law, abortion clinics would have to meet license standards similar to those of ambulatory surgical centers. According to legislative staff, only one clinic in the state currently meets that standard. The state’s four Planned Parenthood clinics don’t meet it. The bill would also require doctors to be present when women take drugs that induce abortions.

The Senate approved the measure with a preliminary vote of 27-14. A final vote expected Wednesday would send the bill to the House, which has already passed some of the provisions included in the bill. It also sets up a sticky situation for Republican Gov. Pat McCrory who said during his campaign that he would not sign laws that further restrict abortions. If it passes, the bill could become law without his signature. McCrory’s office said Tuesday night that it had no comment on the bill.

Read more here:"

If the governor signs it he can then be labelled as a liar.
Look I'm against abortion because my faith says it's wrong but this is secular law.
What bothers me MOST about this is that the GOP has the majority so why the need for secretly attaching this to a bill about Sharia law in NC?

If it smells bad it usually IS bad.



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